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You sort of know what

you’re trying to say

But you need help saying it —

And that’s okay

Who I work with 


Uniquely designed for 

The Askan . 

the CEO . 

the Business Owner . 

the Non-profit Director . 

the Large-scale Fundraiser .

I’m a copywriter.
Not a bulldozer.

You know your business and industry better than anyone. 

I will just uncan + restructure the words that are oh-so-there in your mind.

What you'll get

You believe in onbeat current.  

And yes, it takes a lot to make people read.

But check-out-my-fresh-linkedin-page-copy is cool 

— and coarse.


Copy that’s a cut above helps sell your product or mission. Really well

It also never sells you short. Or makes you wonder how you ever let those words and emojis get past your internal censoring system. 

Credits: Projects masterfully created in collaboration with my colleagues at Torah Umesorah

Why is there an apple on top of a creaky ladder?

Why is there an apple on top of a squeaky ladder?

Not sure.


But it’s there.

In your brain - at least it is.


Words that sell carve pictures. Pictures that don’t get washed away.

Words that sell make your call to action riveting - and oh so right.



events - concept/strategy/messaging/ displays/speeches/video scripts

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